Towards the end of the European dream?

While billions of people are quarantined at home, while on our balconies we sing and clap to thank the healthcare professionals and the active workers in the current crisis situation and with great despair, we empathize with the deaths of those who have not been able to resist the virus, we realize that the survival of our Mother Europe is in danger.  Continuer de lire « Towards the end of the European dream? »

Vers la fin du rêve européen ?

Alors même que la part de la population mondiale confinée augmente tous les jours, et que depuis nos balcons nous chantons et applaudissons le personnel hospitalier pour leur courageux travail en cette situation de crise, nos pensées sont avec les familles des victimes du virus. Cette crise sanitaire, qui a entraîné de nombreuses pertes humaines, nous rappelle la fragilité de nos institutions et que la survie de notre Europe mère est en danger.  Continuer de lire « Vers la fin du rêve européen ? »

The Emergence of Populism and the Delegitimation of Facts: a very global issue

Until the beginning of the digital era, whenever authoritarian governments felt uncomfortable with the critics, they would engage in the censorship of these so-called deserters of the nation and in the hegemonic control of the media, the academia and other institutions related to the production or the spread of information. In the twenty-first century, populist movements currently in power or even those that were not so successful in the last elections seem to demonstrate a common discomfort when faced with specific democratic values – such as the possibility of dissent – however, they no longer employ old-fashioned strategies to hide the parts of reality that they do not want to be shown to the public. As developed further in this article, populist leaders in the digital era who share a common authoritarian mentality can exploit more sophisticated tactics to silence their critics. Continuer de lire « The Emergence of Populism and the Delegitimation of Facts: a very global issue »