The Privatisation of the Prison System: The Liberal Economy of Suspended Time

What are inmates worth on the market? The privatisation of the prison system in numerous countries has benefitted many multinationals. Cheap workforce, chained consumers, mass incarceration policies were supported by powerful lobbies. Prison time, immigration, parole: the privatisation phenomenon  gnaws on the entire correctional system for profit, to the detriment of society’s collective interest. Today Classe Internationale encroaches the topic of carceral privatisation and its impacts on penal policies.

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Opening up the Great Lakes Region – the challenges of East Africa

Very few countries have not been built around sea routes and harbours, seemingly infinite sources of international trade and national increase of wealth. However, some countries without any waterfronts have developed, thus forming territorial enclaves within entire continents. This is the case of Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda. Regrouped by the commonly accepted expression of Great Lakes Region, these central-eastern African territories, far from seas and oceans, are described as “inter-lacustrine”. Put together by this relatively abstract geographical structuration, these territories “between the lakes” – although collective imagination may sometimes fantasise this geographical construction -are lands with extremely complex geopolitical situations.  Continuer de lire « Opening up the Great Lakes Region – the challenges of East Africa »

George Weah and Liberia – fighting (for) corruption and democracy?

“Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end…” you become president of Liberia. Yes, the Germans usually win, but this is not what George Weah took from Gary Lineker’s famous quote. The 1990’s football superstar is now Liberia’s second democratically elected head of State (after the wars), an incredibly hard position to hold in one of Africa’s most war-torn countries. His election in 2017 was stamped by the want for a renewed democracy in a country ravaged by civil wars, political coups, poverty and corruption. Continuer de lire « George Weah and Liberia – fighting (for) corruption and democracy? »

Towards the end of the European dream?

While billions of people are quarantined at home, while on our balconies we sing and clap to thank the healthcare professionals and the active workers in the current crisis situation and with great despair, we empathize with the deaths of those who have not been able to resist the virus, we realize that the survival of our Mother Europe is in danger.  Continuer de lire « Towards the end of the European dream? »

The Path to Scottish Independence: from the Treaty of Union to the Brexit fiasco

 “May she sedition hush; And like a torrent rush; Rebellious Scots to crush; God save the Queen”. Thus, ends one of the most famous anthems in the world, that of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Though it may seem merely symbolic, Scotland is here, at the heart of British identity, intimately associated with the ideas of rebellion and dissidence, seditious habits that must be systematically repressed. The political context of Brexit has given the already historically tense – to say the least – Anglo-Scottish relations a dramatic turn: will Scotland remain part of the United Kingdom?  Continuer de lire « The Path to Scottish Independence: from the Treaty of Union to the Brexit fiasco »