Identity building on cryptomarkets: Part II

The structure of cryptomarkets provides users with a low-risk environment. This environment is characterized by anonymity and the absence of physical contact which can be critical enablers in the decision to start selling on these markets. In addition to these « reassuring » parameters, vendors might adopt a specific attitude to increase the distance between the offline market with its street selling dealer and them. Indeed, they tend to focus on the various qualities that dealers or the mythical “bad dealer” seem to be lacking. By doing so, they improve their own image at the expense of the street dealer, presented as deviant and dangerous. Online sellers bring out their technical skills, their rationality and responsibility in order to live up to their reputation.

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Modern Turkey and neo-ottomanism

             Neo-ottomanism is a Turkish political ideology that promotes greater political engagement of the modern Republic of Turkey within regions formerly under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. More recently, it has been associated with the promotion of reviving Ottoman culture and traditions within Turkey. Continuer de lire « Modern Turkey and neo-ottomanism »

11 mois après la démonétisation en Inde : quel bilan ?

En novembre 2016, le Premier ministre indien, Narendra Modi, annonçait son plan de démonétisation : tous les billets de 500 et 1000 roupies allaient être immédiatement retirés de la circulation. Les Indiens allaient recevoir des nouveaux billets en espèces ou seraient crédités sur leurs comptes bancaires après avoir déposé les anciens en banque. Les nouveaux billets étaient différentiables des anciens par leur apparence, leur taille et leur couleur. L’objectif de cette mesure phare du premier ministre était de lutter contre la corruption et l’argent sale, qui sert au financement des activités illégales, notamment du terrorisme.

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Identity building on cryptomarkets: part I

Cryptomarkets are a new phenomenon which gained visibility following a progressive mediatisation, started by the article “The Underground Website Where You Can Buy Any Drug Imaginable” written by Adrian Chen and published on Gawker. [1] Later on, the actions taken by law enforcement agencies, especially American ones, brought to light the growing trend of people doing business online. At the beginning, only a few people knew of the existence of websites located on the Dark Net where it was quite easy to sell and buy drugs.

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Au coeur d’une zone de démobilisation FARC, que sont devenues les promesses de la paix ?

Depuis plus d’un an, les anciens combattants FARC vivent l’euphorie de la démobilisation, et connaissent même un baby-boom. Mais dans un pays déchiré, leurs espoirs se heurtent aux contradictions du processus de paix. Quel sera l’avenir de leurs enfants ? Continuer de lire Au coeur d’une zone de démobilisation FARC, que sont devenues les promesses de la paix ?