The Paris Peace Forum – A level playing field for global governance?

On Monday November 12, queuing to pass the security check of the Grande Halle de la Villette was a long row of seemingly ordinary people chatting in their winter coats. Nothing extraordinary, nothing excessive, the frenzy of the day before had gently faded away. Big speeches, heads of state, grand commemorations of World War I, the flashes of journalist cameras had given place to another … Continuer de lire The Paris Peace Forum – A level playing field for global governance?

“If I Die in a Combat Zone”: a personal account of the Vietnam War

Can the foot soldier teach anything important about war, merely for having been there? I think not. He can tell war stories.

        2018 is a year charged with political symbolism. It marks not only the 50th anniversary of May 1968 in France, but also one of the major events of the Vietnam War: the Tet Offensive, a series of North Vietnamese surprise attacks against South Vietnamese and U.S troops. The offensive is identified as the moment that turned U.S public opinion against the war effort, even though the conflict only officially ended in 1975.

It was in this context that American novelist Tim O’Brien was drafted to serve his country in the summer of 1968. His experience as a foot soldier in Vietnam served as a leitmotiv for most of his works, such as “If I Die in a Combat Zone”, first published in 1973. Through the 23 chapters of the book, we take on the author’s journey from a small town in Minnesota until his final days of military service in the Vietnam War. Continuer de lire « “If I Die in a Combat Zone”: a personal account of the Vietnam War »

North and South Korea reunited by the Olympic games?

Are North and South Korea possibly on the road to reunification thanks to the 2018 Winter Olympic games? This process opened by North Korea receives positive attitudes from both sides of the border to make this common participation a sign for appeasement. However, despite all efforts, some predominant tensions are still floating in the atmosphere of the Games.

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Identity building on cryptomarkets: Part II

The structure of cryptomarkets provides users with a low-risk environment. This environment is characterized by anonymity and the absence of physical contact which can be critical enablers in the decision to start selling on these markets. In addition to these « reassuring » parameters, vendors might adopt a specific attitude to increase the distance between the offline market with its street selling dealer and them. Indeed, they tend to focus on the various qualities that dealers or the mythical “bad dealer” seem to be lacking. By doing so, they improve their own image at the expense of the street dealer, presented as deviant and dangerous. Online sellers bring out their technical skills, their rationality and responsibility in order to live up to their reputation.

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Modern Turkey and neo-ottomanism

             Neo-ottomanism is a Turkish political ideology that promotes greater political engagement of the modern Republic of Turkey within regions formerly under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. More recently, it has been associated with the promotion of reviving Ottoman culture and traditions within Turkey. Continuer de lire « Modern Turkey and neo-ottomanism »