North and South Korea reunited by the Olympic games?

Are North and South Korea possibly on the road to reunification thanks to the 2018 Winter Olympic games? This process opened by North Korea receives positive attitudes from both sides of the border to make this common participation a sign for appeasement. However, despite all efforts, some predominant tensions are still floating in the atmosphere of the Games.

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A complementary approach to China’s use of force

What follows is the text I read for a presentation I made for a course I have had during my exchange semester at Fudan University, in Shanghai. Each class consisted in several presentations given by the students (and discussions), which made me want to do something a bit different, to try to bring something else and to see how people would react. As you may … Continuer de lire A complementary approach to China’s use of force

Péninsule coréenne : entre coopération et condamnation

Il y a eu Dennis Rodman, le basketteur professionnel, ou encore Eric Schmidt, le Président exécutif du conseil d’administration de Google. C’est à se demander si le nouveau Chef suprême nord-coréen ne serait pas à la recherche de nouveaux amis malgré les multiples menaces qui émanent régulièrement du régime.

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