Les primaires démocrates : un enjeu bien plus qu’américain

« Les valeurs fondamentales de cette nation, notre rang dans le monde, notre démocratie même, tout ce qui a fait l’Amérique, est en jeu ». C’est ainsi que Joe Biden, vice-président de Barack Obama pendant huit ans, a annoncé sur Twitter sa candidature à la Maison Blanche en avril dernier. Le décor est planté. Donald Trump est prévenu. 

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Le Bilan de l’année 2019

Alors que nous entrons dans une nouvelle décennie déjà riche en rebondissements, Classe Internationale vous propose de revenir sur les grands événements qui ont marqué et structuré le monde en 2019 à travers ce bilan, établi par aires régionales. Continuer de lire « Le Bilan de l’année 2019 »

Modern Turkey and neo-ottomanism

             Neo-ottomanism is a Turkish political ideology that promotes greater political engagement of the modern Republic of Turkey within regions formerly under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. More recently, it has been associated with the promotion of reviving Ottoman culture and traditions within Turkey. Continuer de lire « Modern Turkey and neo-ottomanism »

Does the European Union educate generations into being united in diversity ?

This year, we have celebrated the Erasmus program’s 30th birthday. It is largely considered as one of the most successful and profitable policies that the Union has implemented. Allowing students and young professionals to study and work in the countries of the Union, with financial help, in the name of their European citizenship, or of the partner nations’, it is considered both a very efficient educational tool and a very effective integration mechanism. It also is symptomatic of what the Union has been trying to do in the field of education : harmonize and enable the young Europeans to have their skills and diplomas recognized throughout Europe. This work is in the vein of the will of free movement of the workers stated in the Treaty of Rome signed 60 years ago.

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A complementary approach to China’s use of force

What follows is the text I read for a presentation I made for a course I have had during my exchange semester at Fudan University, in Shanghai. Each class consisted in several presentations given by the students (and discussions), which made me want to do something a bit different, to try to bring something else and to see how people would react. As you may … Continuer de lire A complementary approach to China’s use of force